We produce a high quality surimi from high quality
raw material combine with high technology


PT Bintang Karya Laut

Complete your satisfaction

PT Bintang Karya Laut (BKL), as part of KELOLA Group, has specialized in developing high quality of surimi. We produce surimi for industrial uses, as we are fully equipped with high technology to provide your company the best surimi that suits your needs.

Head Office

Jl. Rembang – Tuban KM 28, Ds. Sendang Mulyo, Sluke
Rembang 59272 – Indonesia



Yearly Capacity

7.500 (tons)


Our process is always in control to create high quality surimi. We are also concerned about how we catch the fish.

We produce a full range of Surimi based products. With our fully automated production lines and wide range of ingredients, we can produce any number of shapes and flavor profiles to satisfy your requirement.

We control the quality and supply of raw material through our own catching boats, then process the Block Frozen Surimi and the finished products in our facilities.

SA Grade (700-Up)74-7776-80>40
AA Grade (500-Up)   
A Grade (300-500)   


Golden Threadfin Bream (Nemipterus virgatus)

Golden threadfin bream known as “Kurisi” or Itoyori, originally came from Japan but now widely consumed all over the world. In Indonesia, Itoyori is commonly found in the Arafura Sea. Itoyori has big fish scales, with dense flesh and less fishy.

Bigeye Snapper (Priacanthus macracanthus)

Bigeye snapper is one of the demersal fish commonly known as Kintoki or Kintokidai. Kintokidai has thick skin with small scales. The flesh itself is dense and less fishy.

Sulphur Goatfish (Upeneus sulphureus)

Known as “Kuniran” or Himeji, Sulphur Goatfish is similar to Itoyori from their looks. But compared with Itoyori, Himeji has darker flesh. Himeji has big scales and the flavor is more odd.

Ponyfish (Pentaprion longimanus)

Ponyfish, with Indonesian local name “Kapasan” and commonly called Kurosagi. This fish has no scales with soft texture meat. Kurosagi has a strong flavour for minced white fish.

Brand - BKL Grey-01
Brand - Panorama Grey-01
Brand - KML Grey-01


Food safety is our fundamental standard applied in processing high-quality surimi products.
This aims to prevent food from becoming contaminated and causing food poisoning.

Internal Laboratory

To ensure our products are safe, we regularly identify microorganisms from each product sample in the internal laboratory. We guarantee the chemical/antibiotic, sensory and physical to meet your requirement. Since the internal laboratory is a major concern that determines food safety, we comply with the international standard of laboratory.

Quality Control and Sanitation System

With our experiences in processing surimi, we have developed quality control and strict sanitation system based on standard operational procedures. Quality control system works with the well-trained employee and team implementing strict protocols of sanitation systems.

HACCP Certified

On the other hand, HACCP is our guidelines in every aspect of food processing activities. We comply with every regulation from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia as we are certified HACCP.

HALAL Certified

Our surimi are examined, inspected and audited under strict Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI). We apply the surimi processing system purely and in a lawful manner according to Islamic Law.



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